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From 26 November, Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink timetables are changing as part of the Government's More Trains More Services program.

In preparation of these changes, Transport for NSW has released an Operator Draft intended to allow staff to understand and familarise themselves with the new timetables and lines.

AnyTrip has built a timetable search tool for you to have a sneak peek at how these timetable changes may affect your daily commute. This is based on the draft — so there may still be tweaks and changes to some service times before November.

Additional trip planning tools will be made available by TfNSW closer to the timetable launch date.

Trip planner data is derived from Operator Draft timetable PDF and is subject to change. Not all indirect routes are show, especially for longer journeys. AnyTrip does not guarantee the accuracy of the data extracted from the PDF timetables. If you notice any inaccuracies with the data, please let us know.

Transport for NSW has released their own trip planning tool including the latest version of the train timetable and new timetables for ferries and buses. You can access this here:

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Subject to change before implementation in November. Based on Operator Draft.
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